11 July 2006


While I was able to keep abreast of DC United during the crazy period, one area that did suffer was my reading of other soccer blogs. So now that I'm catching up, a few notes on some other people's writing

Yesterday, I did issue an email challenge for a friendly wager over to The Lord of the Wing. At this time, I have not received a response. Then again, having read what they've written about Celtic's recent travels, perhaps they aren't too confident about their team right now (I, for one, always shiver when I see the expression "4-5-1").

A few Bruce Arena comments, since I've already weighed in. I agree with this 100%. I agree with this about 75% -- If Bruce Arena has truly lost the ability to motivate his players, why are the players the ones defending him? Of course, you could counter it is only the natural disciples, but still... However, Josh has some good points on Wynalda-Arena that are well worth noting.

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This is consistent with some things that have happened to me in DC recently.

It's US Open Cup time, which means it'll be time to the play the US Open Cup Cinderalla Pool game. So go in prepared with some nice stats.


At 11 July, 2006 10:16, Anonymous Josh said...

75% from you is the same as, like, 83% from others. :-)

I like that even though we disagree on some issues, I always go away knowing that we have the same goal in mind.


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