13 July 2006

Debriefing for Match 11.A: Celtic FC


Media, Traditional and Otherwise

Mid-Atlantic Soccer Report, Jimmy LaRoue: "An in-form Celtic likely would have had a tough time against a sharp and cohesive United side..."
The Washington Times, Steve Silver: "...Boswell's goal was only one of many theatrics displayed by United last night."
The Washington Post, Dan Steinberg: "D.C. United's overwhelming 4-0 victory, highlighted by Freddy Adu's first-half goal and Jamil Walker's strike early in the second, will still go down as another international benchmark for MLS's best-known franchise."
MLSNet, Charles Boehm: "...the Black-and-Red were hardly generous hosts as they dismantled a Celtic FC 4-0 in a comprehensive performance from start to finish."
The Daily Record, James Traynor: "Celtic's first match on their US tour ended in defeat and ignominy."
DC SunDevil: "The fact that our reserve team, basically the guys who finished the match, could handle the ball and control the match that well against European players, even in their preseason form, astounds me."
QuarterVolley: "4-0 is nice, but it's not all that big a deal."
We Call It Soccer: "I just experienced a panacea cure for World Cup hangover. I wish I could prescribe it. But let's just say the drug has a very limited distribution."
Celtic Talk: "...The hoops crash stateside-Keevins did warn us- to a stronger,more energetic DC United by four goals to nil. this tour has seen Celtic consistently achieve the nil, but have no plans yet to add it to the clubs name."
The Lord of the Wing: "Right I know some players were playing there 1st games but the majority played all last week and I tell you one thing they didn’t look any better than they did in Poland." -- Good thing you never took me up on that wager, eh?

The Good

  1. The Extended Family: Everyone has the same point. It may not have been Celtic's Best XI, but it wasn't DC's best XI either. Still, by the end of the game, DC had players who hadn't seen a bit of first team action out on the pitch. There was a brilliant, funny moment in the 88th minute, when DC won its last corner, and as all the DC players moved into position to crash the net, it suddenly became apparent they weren't sure who should take the corner. Yet this team was still running with Celtic. Wow. Do I think the bench is really that deep right now? No. But they were up for this game.
  2. The Moose: This is the first time he's had enough time to impress me, and he did. Fast, nimble... A year of seasoning can do a lot for this kid.
  3. Nick Rimando: Good to see him back, and answering the few tests we was called upon to pass. Troy might hurt a foot, and while people might have questioned Rimando's fitness to be a starter, no one can say he isn't one of the best backup keepers in MLS.

The Bad

  1. Celtic: Look, I have an impossibly Irish first name, grew up in a Catholic family, so of course I'm going to have some fondness for the Celts. So I was quite sad to see them play so badly. Here's hoping they improve come Champion's Cup time. DC looked good, but Celtic looked much worse than they should have, even for preseason form.
  2. Pitch Alert: The baseball/soccer transition field has been much better this year, but there were signs of danger in this game. The mud isn't back yet, but balls were consistently dying once they made the infield sod. Maybe it's the kind of thing that only shows up in wet weather at the moment. Still, there are more than a few months remaining for this team.

Man of the Match

N/A - This is a friendly. Maybe I'll give them out for USOC matches.

Final Thoughts

Celtic is a proud team, with proud supporters. Some of them were gracious last night, and some of them (typically younger) were less so. The one shouting "F*** DC United" on the Metro ride home clearly had his ego bruised in a big way by the game, and I can understand that.

The thing is, DC is a proud team to. And thinking back to when we were shelled 4-0, we responded by singing for 15 minutes throughout the stadium. I don't remember anyone loudly shoting "F** the Fire" on the train home. Maybe ruefully saying it in a muttered tone, buried in a bit of despair, but not in a way to aurally assault people.

However, many Celtic supporters were gracious fans, singing "Hail... Hail...the Celts are here..." It was only in the second half when I caught one going "Hail... Hail... to the Redskins..."


At 13 July, 2006 11:27, Blogger Doug said...

"impossibly Irish first name"? I had been ok with just knowing you as "D". Now I'm intrigued.

Donal? Declan? Dermot?

Doug (that's Scottish)

At 13 July, 2006 12:53, Blogger I-66 said...

Instead of spoiling the surprise, I instead offer this:

Goats. Really.

At 13 July, 2006 13:33, Anonymous Matt W said...

We had a clutch of Celtic fans back behind us in 233 and 232 who were trying to mount a few cheers at the start of the second half. They seemed pretty good-natured, so no harm, no foul.

I did try to keep them informed of the score, however, as the goals piled up.

It occurred to me on my Metro ride home last night that we have ourselves a pretty good soccer team, and the beginnings of a pretty good soccer tradition, and we can probably stop thinking of ourselves as the little kid of world football. We've grown up a little. We're now like the Freddy Adu of world football--sometimes lost, sometimes brilliant, and/but getting better every day.

At 13 July, 2006 14:08, Blogger D said...

Doug: Email me and I might tell you.
I-66: Truly, that would have made my week if last night hadn't already.
Matt W: Great, great analogy.

At 13 July, 2006 15:42, Anonymous blackdogred said...

Out in the lot after the game we talked with a bunch of Celtic fans, most from Philly but a few from Glasgow, and almost all of the commented both on the DCU's quality (way better than they imagined) and especially on the fans. One guy, the most talkative of the bunch, said that he had no idea that American fans were that passionate, and that he'd take the loss more personally for our passion. He meant it as a compliment. He'd bought some DCU tees and a couple of hats and said he'd root for DCU from Scotland.

At 13 July, 2006 21:41, Anonymous Joe said...

We fucking rule.


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