23 August 2006

Official: Most Megawesomellent Ever.

Grant Wahl deliveres a great article on a great set of supporters. It may focus on the Barra, but La Norte and the Eagles can see themselves reflected in this article:
200 members of MLS' most raucous fan club are enjoying the Mother of All Tailgates...
In many ways, says Erpen, D.C. United's Barra Brava is different from its counterparts in, say, Buenos Aires. "In Argentina the barra brava usually comes from the lower classes, and if the team plays poorly, suddenly they come to the field and create problems," he says. "Here they respect us. There's not so much pressure, and you always have their support."
See, when a national press writer calls you the "Most raucous", well, that makes it official. I mean, based on my reading of the MLA style-book, if you can footnote it, it's a fact.