04 August 2006

Erpen on All Star team

Facundo Erpen will be replace Eddie Pope on the All-Star team (HT: My Soccer Blog). Is it me, or are we essentially playing both Chelsea and Real Madrid in the span of a week? Granted, we're letting a few scrubs join the United lineup for the Chelsea game. Our regulars aren't getting much rest during this All-Star break, which could give other teams an advantage when the regular season resumes.

Erpen has been a solid addition to the backline, although certainly prone to occasional mental lapses and acrobatics. Let's hope for MLS's sake he doesn't decide to pass the ball to <INSERT NAME OF LATEST CHELSEA SIGNING HERE> for a 1-on-1 breakaway. Maybe Novak should have picked someone not from his own team to replace Eddie. Spread some love around. There's this Terry Cooke fellow I keep hearing about.


At 04 August, 2006 11:55, Anonymous GUTuna said...

Terry Cooke or Kenny Cooper!

I think our record dictates that we should have a large number of players on the squad, but I would have put Brian Carroll on the team before Erpen.

Hell, sub Cooper for Jaqua. Who care if there are no Fire players. None of them have played like All-Stars (save maybe rookie Dasan Robinson)

At 04 August, 2006 12:38, Blogger D said...

Oh I am totally in agreement. Terry Cooke or Kenny Cooper, or as, Tuna suggests, Brian Carroll. Erpen is a decent defender (especially when not making insanely boneheaded plays) but not an all-star. Glad you called them out on this, because I just saw the news and was rushing to complain about it.

At 04 August, 2006 13:36, Anonymous Joe said...

I feel like the Erpen addition is Dc united overkill. This coming from a United supporter.

If there's one good thing about the All-Star game, it's getting to see the best from all around the league, not just the best from the best team. I get to see these guys every week, you know?

On the other hand, half this team already has the chemistry and knows how to play together. That's more than you can say about any other All-Star team, and it will be an asset against ... who are we playing again?

At 05 August, 2006 16:38, Anonymous Matt said...

but with pope out they need to replace him with a centerback...so were there any better than Erpen?

don't forget that this is a team..not USA Basketball

At 05 August, 2006 22:22, Blogger kj said...

No direct passes to Chelsea... but Erpen did nutmeg his own keeper.


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