31 August 2006

Kinney's Friends Enjoy Free Beer Movement

First things first, yes, I have friends. They came out to watch DC United play the LA Galaxy and despite what happened on the field they still had fun. I have season tickets and I got them early, so I had 4 flexpass tickets, plus 5 unused tickets (mostly my girlfriend's, not mine). I exchanged all of these and brought 7 fans with tickets for my girlfriend and I to sit next to them.

We got to RFK early and tailgated in Lot 8 with you guessed it, free beer. It actually was free for me too. My friend who has been to 5 or 6 United games with me paid for the beer. So we had six new people drinking beer and about to go to their first DC United game. We found ourselves a little spot on the trail between the Barra and SE tailgates and went to it.

The game was ehh, as we all know. But my friends seemed to have fun. They thought the Barra and Screaming Eagles were especially interesting. We were standing right behind them the whole game, yes standing, I don't go to games to sit. They all thought that the supporters groups were amazing for keeping up the cheering despite the score at the end of the game. The best discussion of the night follows:

Friend: What are they all doing?
Me: What do you mean?
Friend: I mean the hand signal things? Is that some sort of soccer thing?
Me: You mean this? (uses said hand signals)
Friend: Oh, they're flipping off the ref.

All of my friends were happy with the night, while I had very mixed feelings due to what happened on the field. All of them are up for seeing a game with me again. Some of them wanted to try out the supporters groups (where I have my normal tickets) next time if we go in a smaller group. All in all, a good night for the Free Beer Movement if not for DC United.


At 31 August, 2006 12:48, Anonymous Joanna said...

Nice! It sounds like you all had fun. Too bad you didn't bring back any pictures of this new and unfamiliar method of flipping people off :)

I'd like to try standing with the supporter groups too - I haven't done that yet - but I'll have to wait until I actually know some people, because I don't want to do that by myself. It would be rather dull.

It may not go well anyhow because I'm short and wouldn't be able to see a thing, I'll bet. Unless you have any suggestions on dealing with that?


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