16 August 2006

Match 11.22 Preview: At New York Red Bulls

Match #: 11.22

Opponent: New York Red Bulls

New York Red Bulls, 5-6-9, 24 pts, 4th in East Conference, 8th in MLS
DC United, 13-2-6, 45 pts, 1st in East Conference , 1st in MLS

TV: MLSLive.TV - 7:30PM, probably the NY/NJ feed. Stupid !@#!@ing Orioles.

Previous Meeting: New York Red Bulls 1 : 4 DC United (DCenters Debriefing)

Suggested Pregame Music: Soul Coughing - "The Incumbent" -- New York, New York, I won't go back / Indelible reminder of the steel I lack / I gave you seven years, what did you give me back? / A jaw-grind, disposistion to a panic attack.

Suggested Pregame Activity: Take a normal piece of paper. Draw a line down the middle. On the right, list the following names: "Sunil Gulati", "Peter Vermes", "Kevin Payne", "Don Garber", "US Soccer", "MLS Soccer 1996-1998, US Soccer 1999-2004","Bruce Arena." On the left, write five deregatory adjectives and two complimentary adjective. Draw lines matching the left column to the right column. If, when done, the complementary adjectives have been matched to the last two items in the right-hand column, then Congratulations! You have simulated a Bruce Arena Interview. Repeat as necessary to generate soundbytes and media buzz. Bonus points if you complementary adjective for Bruce is a fictitious word, like "megawesomellent."

The Stakes: DC United enters this game on a two game winless streak (at least, in league play). Two games without a win ties the high for DC United this season (the previous being back-to-back draws June 11-17 and draw/loss April 29-May 6). Part of what has made DC United successful this season is the absence of a prolonged slump, and winning this game will be a key part of establishing a strong season. The subplot of Bruce's return to New York and taking on his old team is something which is probably of more interest to the fans of the respective sides, and perhaps to the New York Coaching Staff.

Things I'd like to see: A win. Okay, more than that, I'd like to see DC reestablish a sense of importance and intensity to close out the season. Last season, especially the last three games, you could see DC faltering. The DCenters called it out after the draw to Columbus (following a NYRB loss) last year. The feeling that the Chicago game in the playoff happened in isolation is not reflective of reality: DC clearly was losing intensity. So I don't want to see any sign of that as we head into the final ten games of the season. If people need a rest, I'd rather they get it in the next seven games than the last three, but right now we need to finish this season out. The Supporter's Shield is still the goal. I want international play next year. These games matter.

Previews from the DCUniverse: QuarterVolley, DC Sun Devil, SE Podcast, BlackDogRed

Previews from the Metroverse: (will be added as noticed.)

Expected Yield: 2.0 points (D).

D's Location: Home Office, watching on Computer.

Kinney and Oscar's Locations? TBA.

Last Words: Refreshing and Envirgorating Drinks.


At 16 August, 2006 10:37, Blogger Kinney said...

That was a travshamockery of an interview. I will be at the game, going up with the SE bus. I will do a little write-up about it sometime tomorrow.

At 16 August, 2006 16:17, Blogger Oscar M. said...

hopefully i'll be able to catch it online

At 16 August, 2006 17:12, Blogger R2-D2 said...

Shouldn't it be SIX derogatory adjectives?


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