15 September 2006

Debriefing for Match 11.27: At New England Revolution


Media, Traditional and Otherwise

The Washington Post, Steven Goff: "United has not played consistent soccer over the course of a match for several weeks, and this effort was no different.
QuarterVolley: "Matt Reis had far from his best match, but at least he didn't give any United players any concussions. "
BlackDogRed: "I can't say I'm any more pessimistic today than I was about United's end of season prospects yesterday, but I can say I'm certainly not more optimistic. The goals are not coming, and this whole score one and scramble desperately on defense ain't going to get it done."
DCSunDevil:"I know that with the one point, United cannot finish lower than 2nd in the East, but damnit, we had a 13 match unbeaten streak! We ran away from the league and now it looks like the league is going close that gap, and might over take us."
The Far Post: "2 (out of 5) JoJo and Freddy pictures. Minus 3 points for giving up the lead, the football markings in the field, and Dempsey wearing a pouting look on his face every time a United player push him around."

The Good

  1. Sometimes DC Played Well: In the past couple of games DC has not dominated like they did earlier this season. That changed on Wednesday, unfortunately DC couldn't keep it up for more than about a half an hour, or exactly 1/3 of the time necessary.
  2. Adu on Track: Freddy seems to be back from his nagging injuries, and is picking up his game. He needs to be the dynamic force that we know he can be for United to go deep in the playoffs. Not so much to carry the team, but to lend a hand so that Gomez and Moreno don't have to do it all by themselves.
  3. The Ref: We here at DCenters tear into refs a bunch when they botch the game. This one didn't. In what could be a very chippy game between two teams that have no love loss for each other, the ref both kept control and let the game play. He wasn't perfect, but he was a hell of a lot better than most of the officiating I have seen this year.

The Bad

  1. Coasting: DC played an excellent first half, but the intensity did falter at the start of the second. The instinct for this team is to preserve, not kill. (D wrote the previous two sentances last week)
  2. Atmosphere: Football lines on the field. Check (I am pretty sure this messed with Adu at least once). Horribly chewed up grass the entire length of the field. Check (though I do realize that I am standing in the glass house that is RFK). Smallest Revs crowed EVER. Check and checkmate.

Man of the Match

Right now its going to Gros for the goal and only the goal. My mind could be swayed however as my email to fellow DCenters went unanswerd. I will take their apathy for acceptance until faced with incontrovertible truthiness.

Final Thoughts

Huge game on Sunday. Hopefully we can go into Toyota Park, after Dallas loses the day before, not play Moreno, win by more than one goal, and piss on the Fire. I am not going to hold my breath.


At 16 September, 2006 01:39, Anonymous matt said...

you noticed also....adu totally lost it with the confusion regarding the football vs. futbol lines.

It was funny...but not really.

perkins...honestly...may be number 2 or 3 for MVP. he really saves our ass...

ugghh....this season is dragging on....we still play great futbol, but the league has figured us out a bit...

here's to the shield..and then hoping we win the finals in pks...cause we sure aren't scoring goals...

At 17 September, 2006 13:50, Anonymous Joe said...

Perkins was my man of the match on that one.

I keep hoping that this is just a stage that we're going through, after the early season success... A necessary adjustment period before getting hot in time for the playoffs.



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