03 September 2006

Match 11.25 Preview: At Chivas USA

Match #: 11.25

Opponent: Chivas USA, Final MLS Matchup

DC United, 13-3-8, 47 pts, 1st in East Conference, 1st in MLS
Chivas USA, 8-6-10, 34 pts, 3rd in West Conference, 4th in MLS

TV: CSN/DK/MLSlive.tv - 7:00pm

Previous Meeting: DC United 2 : 0 Chivas USA (DCenters Debriefing)

Suggested Pregame Music: Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones

Suggested Pregame Activity: Here is one that is kid friendly.

The Stakes: Dallas is now within two points of taking the lead in the race to the Supporter's Shield. You do the math.

Things I'd like to see: Crisper passes. More off the ball runs. Better shape in the back. More shots on goal. I would like to see what all United fans would like to see, and haven't seen since the before the All-Star game.

Previews from the DCUniverse: QuarterVolley

Previews from Chivamundo: Can't read spanish. It my fault, I know.

Expected Yield: 1 point (Kinney).

Kinney's Location: Friend's house. Invited for a wine and cheese and going to wear my United jersey. Hopefully they won't mind.

D's and Oscar's Locations? I have no clue.

Last Words: Chupacabra


At 03 September, 2006 02:17, Anonymous Matt said...

Chivas Suck...my son has been sayin that for about 3 months now.
Little did he know that tomorrow he'll be directing it at Chivas USA and not Guadalajara.

Man...we need a win...all those pts. we've pissed away are catching up.

At 03 September, 2006 10:36, Blogger Oscar M. said...

I'll be at Summers, we need to see a return to form soon...


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