17 November 2006

Toronto Takes Dyachenko

Mo skipped both Simms and Rimando and took United's 3rd round 2006 draft pick Rod Dyachenko. Rod showed some stuff in a couple of reserve games and was eventually added brought in to some regular season games. He showed flashes of brillance in his time with United, but never left his mark on the game. I know that I personally like to see young players develop and grow and was hoping that Rod could flourish in an understudy roll to Christian. Alas, it is not to be poor Yorick.

Dyachenko is from Vancouver so Toronto drafting him makes sense, but only if you are semi-illiterate and/or lazy because its Vancouver, Washington in the good ole USA. I really, really, really hope that Toronto made a mistake and thought he was a Canuck. There is no proof that this is what happend, but I can still pretend. The funniest thing is that even if this were true it still might not be the biggest mistake of the draft. Either way, if I was Kevin Payne I would offer Toronto United's 2nd round pick for him and see if they bite.

EDIT: Oscar M beat me too the punch. His analysis is below. I am going to keep my post up because it is the offseason and we are going to need a multitude of views to keep this site busy.


At 17 November, 2006 23:50, Anonymous Matt said...

I am from Seattle, WA....and happy for two reasons....we kept simms...and one of my statesman gets an opp to play good minutes.

So..what to do with Rimando??

PS: are we all missing something about simms? seems as though since the gold cup everyone is dissing his talent?

At 18 November, 2006 00:03, Anonymous Matt said...

I'm just happy that Toronto is in the eastern conf....they look to be terrible....

3 wins for us??


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