23 March 2007

Think of the Children, and their Reading Comprehension

Yesterday, Steve Goff noted that no decision on whether Fred would be allowed to have "Fred" or be required to have "da Silva" on his uniform. Well, today's Kids section in the Washington Post may force their hand. In an article about one name athletes, Fred is used as the newest example. Surely the Front Office can't face the prospect of hundreds of tiny faces, with tears rolling down their cheeks, wondering where this "Fred" is and why their parents keep pointing at "Da Silva." No, the only choice now is for the uniform to read "FRED" and give our kangaroo stuffed animals (with miniature Brazillian flags) as a promotional item for FRED day.

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At 23 March, 2007 10:17, Blogger Kinney said...

Actually I come down on the other side of this. I love the fact that DC makes everybody use their last name and doesn't allow any of the nickname stuff. We can just lie to the kids and tell them his name is Fred Da Silva so Da Silva goes on the back. They learn quickly.

At 23 March, 2007 10:34, Blogger D said...

Actually, I think I agree with you. It's kind of like the Yankee dress code standards.

At 23 March, 2007 10:38, Anonymous Dave Lifton said...

Goff's problem is that he asked Payne when he should have spoken to Cisco.


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