07 April 2007

First Impressions - Colorado Rapids 2 : 1 D.C. United

You have five players trying to control the midfield, some of whom are damn talented. They have four. Which means? Well, nothing, actually, as Colorado successfully won most of the second balls and had no egregiously bad turnovers. In the process, they controlled midfield for long stretches of this match, and United spent about three quarters of the game on the back foot.

It's a disappointing way to start the season. And a mildly surprising one. United had shown a much better form in three of the four games they had already played this year. Strangely, it was this game where they seemed out of form while Colorado played smart, quick passes and controlled the game.

Had United managed to find the equalizer in the final 10 minutes, the result would have flattered us. Colorado deserved to win that game, and United deserved to lose. You can blame the defense for some lax marking if you'd like (and you probably should), but I was aghast to see how poorly the midfield asserted itself. A cold, firm slap in the face to start the season.

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At 07 April, 2007 20:47, Blogger adelino said...

First impression:
Erpen plays a frustrating brand of soccer. I really want to believe that he has the talent and just lacks the focus to play like someone collecting a paycheck for his performance. I really want to believe that he's giving away a 3 yard cushion to make the game more interesting for himself. The problem is that he's not fast enough to recover if he lets the other guy make the first, second, and third move. Other than Erpen and DeRoux being exposed, I'm not too worried. There was a general lack of sharpness that was surprising given that DCU has already played a few meaningful games in the last weeks. Other than that, it really just looked like an off day for a squad that's capable of more.


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