15 May 2007

Bye bye, bye week

So, did the second bye week this early in the season dampen everybody's excitement or was it a much needed break after a strugglicious start? You might have missed this stuff, if like me, you're easily distracted by shiny stuff.
  • Gomez's contract talks will resume in the fall.
  • Moreno has been called up by Bolivia to play against Ireland in Boston. He'll miss the Houston home game. Will he get called up to Copa America? We'll see, but the Bolivian team is hurting for players and consistency. He hasn't played for Bolivia since 2002.
  • Troy Perkins will be on Washingtonpost Live tonight, at 5:30. Set your Tivo from work, if you can.
  • Goff reported that the team might still work out a deal with the Polish defender Bosacky they're chaing, and also declined to offer trialist Edwin Twesigomwe a contract.
  • An Etcheverry tribute match is slated for the fall.



At 15 May, 2007 15:18, Blogger Bob said...

What's up with all of the made up words in this post? "strugglicious", "chaing", "trialist" and "Twesigomwe" all seem like made up, non-wrods to me.

At 15 May, 2007 16:44, Blogger Kinney said...

You caught us, they are all made up, non-wrods. :)

At 16 May, 2007 09:05, Anonymous Joanna said...

Shiny things?? Where?!?


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