03 May 2007

Match Briefing for 12.04: New England Revolution

Match #: 12.04

New England Revolution
7pts, 7GF, 3GA, +4 GD
4th place Eastern Conference
4th place MLS

Six Word Novel Preview: Pride. Passion. Tradition. Show us one.

TV: ESPN2 7:00PM

Radio: WMET 1160AM

Previous Meeting: First meeting of season

The Stakes: Let's spell out the nightmare. In four days, DC United could find itself 18% of the way through the season with 0 points. At that point, the panic button is not only hit, it will have been crushed with a mallet stolen from Donkey Kong while I run around setting things on fire. Of course, on the flip side, in four days we might find DC just a shade under .500.

For New England, this game is of little import. They've had some good wins, and a win or a loss does not do much to them at this stage of the game. Reincorporating Franchino and Parkhurst will be of interest to them, and they'll evaluate their play much more on those factors than anything else.

For ESPN... Eric, I heard you on Washington Post Live talk about the money ESPN has put into its presentation, but your last TNS outing was the worst this season. Let's keep the camera work decent, the commentary to the point, and show us the goddamn off-side line you've been promising. That being said, I think RFK will give you the best atmosphere you've had this season, and I hope the game is a decent show.

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Previews from the Revolution:
Blue Blooded Journo, The Offside: New England Revolution

The DCenter Team's Location: D- At Work (see you at Chivas on Sunday). Kinney - TBD
Oscar - RFK.

Expectations: Draw, if that. New England plays well against DC, and DC has to be a bit punch drunk. I can't possibly expect three points (although I can certainly cheer for it.) All the intangibles are in New England's favor.

What to look for? Mistakes, or the absence thereof. If DC United is beaten through great play by New England, that's one thing. But if DC hands opportunities to New England, that's an indication that this team is still unraveling. I'm very curious to see how the duties are handled by the holding midfielders, and how Gomez runs the attack. If we are always, 100% of the time, running straight at the New England defenders, we will not win this game.

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At 03 May, 2007 13:25, Blogger Oscar M. said...

Twellman has four goals in as many hands, and will surely test our defense. I expect Joseph to also make playing through the middle even more difficult, so hopefully we'll see better play on the flanks. The return of Clyde Simms also gives us another, and in my opinion better, option in the defensive midfield.

Still waiting for Fred+Emilio+Gomez+Moreno to really click...What's your line up look like, I'd guess:

Erpen(?) --- Boswell --- Namoff
------Simms --- Olsen
Fred ----- Gomez ----- Gross
---- Moreno --- Emilio

At 03 May, 2007 14:04, Blogger D said...

Looks about right, although I think I read somewhere that Wilson may be starting, and I imagine they'd put him on the left and Namoff on the right in such a scenario.


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