17 May 2007

Y Can't We Vote Bryan? We Can... With Arts and Crafts!

UPDATE (1:15PM) : Abort. Abort. Abort. Steve Goff reports that Namoff is on the ballot now. Well done all (and commenters that let me know). I would like to think we played some small part in this, since I think we were the first to notice (before even the hoards on BigSoccer judging by the timestamps) I'd like to think that, but I'd like to think a lot of things.

Okay, so my understanding of things is that the reason that Bryan Namoff's name doesn't appear on the ballot is that DC United didn't nominate him. Hmpf. For shame. But, I think, for those of you that want to reward a hard-working defender, there is still a chance. Sure, it's unlikely he'd be a coaches selection to the all-star game, but perhaps he'd be a Commissioner's selection? Hey, why not? So here's what I propose...

On a strip of paper, in bold letters, write the words "Defender" and "Bryan Namoff". If you want to be cool, decorate the paper as you see fit (sparkles, pictures, crayons, whatever." Then mail this special ballot to the following address:

Major League Soccer
ATTN: Don Garber
420 5th Avenue, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10018

I'll make my ballot this weekend, and post the image on this site. If you make your ballot and send me a picture, I'll post it here for others to admire. If I can get even just 100 or so pictures (and I know at least 100 people read this site) of ballots that we're mailed in, I think we'll have said something. In fact, since you can vote 10 times a day via the web site, feel free to send in ten different arty ballots! If there's enough interest, I'd even throw an arts and crafts party and supply envelopes with the proper postage for everyone.

Look, I'm not saying that Bryan Namoff should be an all-star, but his performance on the pitch certainly merits the option of people giving him a vote. So let's do it. And just sending emails or angry letters probably won't show anyone anything, so let's show our creative sides to get this done.

We can beat these deadites... through science!



At 17 May, 2007 11:25, Anonymous GUTuna said...

Don't use sparkles/glitter. When that stuff comes tumbling out you're liable to spook some poor intern and get the HAZMAT team called in! :)

At 17 May, 2007 11:30, Blogger D said...

Well, certainly white powders are out, but I think glitter would be okay. But sure, perhaps best to be safe rather than sorry.

At 17 May, 2007 12:39, Blogger EdTheRed said...

All hail the mighty Insider! http://blog.washingtonpost.com/soccerinsider/2007/05/no_respect_for_namoff.html

Namoff is on the ballot!

At 17 May, 2007 15:49, Blogger Kinney said...

Well maybe calling up DC United was the productive thing to do. But crepe paper and glitter is by far the more creative thing to do. Or something like that.

At 18 May, 2007 16:20, Blogger ben said...

in this day and age internet time stamps are all we have to go on. i consider it undeniable proof that dcenters were the first on the story.


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