16 May 2007

It's an Honor to be Nominated. And that's pretty much it.

MLS's all-star ballot (complete with "type in the distorted number on the grid" verification system in a most likely futile attempt to defeat the RSL Script Kiddies) has been released. Which United players can you vote for? Glad you asked, here's who is on the ballot:

  • Troy Perkins (GK)
  • Bobby Boswell (D)
  • Facundo Erpen (D)
  • Josh Gros (D)
  • Brian Carrol (M)
  • Fred (M)
  • Christian Gomez (M)
  • Ben Olsen (M)
  • Clyde Simms (M)
  • Luciano Emilio (F)
  • Jamie Moreno (F)
Now, a few notes: First, Bryan Namoff has every right to be on the ballot, especially ahead of Josh Gros as an outside back. Bryan, you're getting shafted. And listing Gros as a defender is also interesting. Clyde Simms may be a great player, but he's had only 54 minutes for the team this year. And Fred has shown potential, but certainly isn't an "all-star" by most evaluations.

Which brings us to this point: I'm not in a hurry to vote for any DC player. If the next few games go well, I can see myself throwing a few votes to Perkins, Boswell, Gomez, Olsen, and Emilio if they produce. But even if we go back to the last all-star game, which was when we really started to slump, I'm not sure that I would vote for most DC players ahead of other players.

Yes, I know it's a popularity contest, but I'd like to reward players whose season means they've earned the right. So would I put Twellman ahead of Moreno? Yup. Craig Waibel ahead of Facu? Yup.

Which is why I'm not casting a ballot... yet. Voting doesn't end until five weeks from now, and I hope in the next five weeks I feel more confident about the seasons of the players that I want to vote for.

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At 16 May, 2007 15:06, Anonymous GUTuna said...

But D, you get 10 votes a day!

Don't leave it all to the RSL fans! We can't have Willis Forko out there! :)

At 16 May, 2007 15:07, Blogger I-66 said...

Bravo. I plan on waiting as long as I can.

This is like the Heisman voting where many people turn in their ballots weeks before the conclusion of the voting window. When things can change so much, big games by players on the fringe, bad performances by players who would be leading... it's ridiculous to cast a ballot at the first moment they're allowed to be cast.

At 16 May, 2007 15:17, Blogger Kinney said...

After last year's Celtic game I think a team of Willis Forko's could win the game.

At 17 May, 2007 01:12, Anonymous diego r. said...

honestly, last year's all-star game was the beginning of the end. it was almost an all-DC United team beating Chelsea. But after that (and our 1-1 versus Real Madrid) it was all downhill. Could there have been anything worse for DC United than naming Facundo Erpen an all-star and playing him for 90 minutes?

now that MLS teams are playing in several competitions per year it'll be interesting to see how they fare. DC United hasn't done all that well last year and this year with the multiple engagements they have had (hey, who would you rather play Real Madrid or Chivas de Guadalajara or the Kansas City Wizards). I look forward to next year to see how the NE Revolution and the Red Bulls handle all of the commitments


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