18 May 2007

Start it up again

Whew, we got game previews to write, and expert to interview, and news to catch up on. All because United has a match in the Great North tomorrow. To be frank, I'm a bit nervous. A loss would pretty much stop any momentum United had heading into the break, and this is a team that needs confidence right now. But we'll get into all of that later...

THE MOST IMPORTANT INTERVIEW IN DC UNITED HISTORY... is probably not at Ben Olsen's Beard right now, but if you want to read me prattling on in response to some questions that the BOB was kind enough not to yawn in the middle of, please go read it. The Beard is a good guy.

UNINTENTIONAL HUMOR UPDATE: "The wily Scot isn’t accepting mediocrity from his club’s expansion team status: He’s thinking about the playoffs." Um, mediocrity and playoff aren't exactly mutually exclusive.

HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT: Charles Boehm on DC preparing for the Wall of Sound in Toronto, and a visit with Alecko:

United's center back says he and the voluble Eskandarian still "talk trash about each other, because that's just how we are," trading long-distance gibes via texts, e-mails and their respective blogs.

READ UP: New blogs added to the blogroll, including several Toronto FC blogs and the JDJ blogs.

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At 18 May, 2007 10:45, Blogger I-66 said...

Whoops. I saw "metronews" in that URL and thought the mediocrity/playoffs play was a jab at Bunch of Bull. Then I realized "Wait, they've never been mediocre. They've always sucked."


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