18 May 2007

An Expert View on Toronto FC

This is the first time DC United has ever faced Toronto FC. All this season, each time United faces an opponent for the first time we bring in experts to brief our fans on what to expect. For Toronto FC, we wanted to have someone whose integrity was beyond repute. Just reassigned to the O Division from the Yukon, please welcome Seargent Dudly Do-Right of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Sgt. Do-Right, welcome

It's good to be here citizen! How may I assist you?

Well, we're hoping you can tell us about Toronto FC. In your last match, the defense blocked a lot of hosts, and many people credited Jim Brennan with an excellent game. What's your opinion of what Brennan brings to the game.

He's a tireless worker. Like a good officer, he always gets his man. I'd say he's the workhorse of the team. A powerful horse steadying the defense.

He sounds dreamy!!!

Indeed he is, Nell. Toronto's fans, eh, have every right to have great civic pride in this defender.

Well, Toronto's fans are certainly a major story this season. What is it about Toronto that Americans haven't understood until now?

It isn't just Toronto. All of Canada is behind Toronto FC. Americans never truly appreciated Canada, despite our massive ham export to the United States, eh?

You mean Canadian Bacon?

I meant William Shatner.

Ah. Well, in the story we linked to earlier, Mo Johnston said he's thinking playoffs for the team. Is that a feasible goal?

Why don't you ask him?

Yes, ask me.

Hokey Smokes Bullwinkle. He said "Mo Johnston"

Oh.... I thought he said "Moose Johnston" And now for my next trick, watch me pull the playoffs out of my hat.

Again? This trick never works.

It worked when I was in New Jersey... And now, I will produce the playoffs out of my hat...

...And Presto!
Hmmm, no doubt about, Esky's got get himself a different hat.

And now for something you'll really enjoy.... A picture of two old friends talking about leg care products...

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At 18 May, 2007 12:51, Anonymous jeffResistor said...

Sweet! I found a picture of their biggest supporters group.

At 18 May, 2007 15:24, Blogger Justin Durst Jr said...

Nice. Honestly, though, Shatner is a giant ham.

At 18 May, 2007 17:47, Blogger Kinney said...

I just realized that I hardly remember anything about Rocky & Bullwinkle.


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