12 June 2007

The Freezer for 12 June 2007

The US Soccer Fragility Index, known as the Freezer, is the anti-power poll. Here we rank the most feeble, the most tenuous, and the overall weakest things in US Soccer. It's the second most feared list in US Soccer behind A Guide to Soccer Radio Hosts with Names Beginning with G by Steven Cohen.

This week in the Freezer, one team gets out, but it probably isn't who you would expect. And Tom Soehn is feeling a bit warmer, which is why you see him in short sleeves on the sidelines. However, two more enter the Freezer, and the watchlist continues to scan the horizon. Ultimately, it was a week for sediment to settle to the bottom, cream to rise to the top, and cliches to be dusted off and used with aplomb.

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At 12 June, 2007 16:02, Anonymous Goose said...

Completely absurd! C'mon man, United's the hottest team in the league. A six-game unbeaten run gets you out of the freezer, it doesn't matter that #5 was a 0-0 draw.

At 12 June, 2007 16:06, Blogger D said...

And if, theoretically, they lose 2-0 to the Fire next week? I'm just saying, suddenly the New York result is a fluke, and people think that 2 of those six unbeaten games were draws. All they need is one more, but right now they're still 4th in the East...

Of course, my heart is with you... my head just says that perhaps caution is warranted.

At 12 June, 2007 18:20, Blogger The Manly Ferry said...

Chicago just made The Freezer? Are you nucking futs? I've pegged them last on my rankings at least twice now (OK, out of spite, but still...).

At 12 June, 2007 21:05, Anonymous Goose said...

If United were to lose to Chicago, sure put them back on if you want, but their recent form has created the situation where such a loss would be a shock, which sort of means they're no longer in the freezer.

At 13 June, 2007 00:57, Blogger Oscar M. said...

D, you're being too cautious in not Moving DC out of the freezer, if only to protect your own feelings if they happen to stumble again. Or are you purposefully keeping the bottom 6 teams in the freezer for symmetry's sake? Interesting to see also that Chivas moves out and they have the same overall record. Maybe the two teams could move to the crisper?

I'd have thrown Beckham into the Freezer, with all the talk of will he really or will he not come that popped up this week.


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