17 September 2007

DC United: Winningest Team of All-Time

I want to just make a quick note of it while it is out there. For a time there, the LA Galaxy had the most wins of all MLS teams in history. Through 2006, the Galaxy had 167 league wins (including shoot-outs) to United's 161. Of course, at the end of this year, the situation is much changed. To date, United has 176 wins to the Galaxy's 171. LA can finish with 8 more wins, which would bring them to 179. That means United needs three more wins to guarantee at least a share of the all-time Wins record for MLS season matches. Or LA can not win three more matches. Either way. And, of course, right now we're the winningest team in MLS history. You know, just in case Alexi brings up that crown-jewel nonsense again.

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At 17 September, 2007 17:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is it in points not shootouts?


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