19 November 2007

MLS Cup Weekend Redux

Is it possible to have enjoyed the weekend that just passed? Perhaps. Houston defeats New England to join United as the MLS Reps in the CONCACAF Champions Cup yet again, but at least the game was somewhat entertaining throughout all 90 minutes, as opposed to last year's tedium in slow motion. Houston, as they were last year, are worthy champions. But the emotions of the game? Well, I think Brian Garrison at An American's View summed it up quite nicely:

I commented to Sara as we walked up to the stadium this morning, "I feel like I am going to cheat on my girlfriend."
Still, as awful as it felt to watch another team win the MLS Cup, I can't imagine the feeling of having lost a fourth. If I were not who I am, I might admit to some small amount of sympathy for those Revolution fans that made the trip. Kids, that's gotta be tough, but I swear if you all turn into the taciturn morose Red Sox fans of pre-2004 days, I may have to smack you around some.

As for the USA-South Africa friendly, that was pretty much a dull tedious game to endure. Maybe I'm naive, but the USA seemed to have more flair and creativity when Bradley took over, and it has slowly disappeared. Still, the match was a win, and I met Bruce and Ives and commenter Jeffrey and others, and that's always good (and the part I enjoy the most.)

So now we're officially in the off season, and shockingly there is still work to be done. Drafts (expansion, super, and supplemental), player transactions, tense stadium negotiations... all of this will occupy our time. Oh, and self promotion as well (and there may be a bit of that this week.) Welcome to the offseason: I have a feeling it may not be as dull as it seems. Because, here's the thing. If United doesn't win the MLS cup next year, it will match the longest streak of time we've gone without adding a star. And that, my friends, is a bit worrisome.



At 19 November, 2007 12:25, Blogger The Manly Ferry said...

I'm doing my bit already. And I just came up with an alternative concept for celebrating Eternal Second Place: a giant banner of Buzz Aldrin in a Revs' jersey.

At 19 November, 2007 12:26, Blogger The Manly Ferry said...

Whoops. Forgot the link. This is how I'm doing my bit.

At 19 November, 2007 12:44, Blogger Bob said...

I ended up enjoying myself at RFK yesterday way more than I thought I would. The weather was beautiful, the Screaming Eagles were impressive as always and the game was fun to watch. I can't wait to re-watch the game on TiVo and see what Wynalda has to say about that shouda-been red card on Smith.

At 19 November, 2007 13:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cup was a great time out. Fun to scream with the Barra. "You're not singing" was my personal favorite chant directed alternatively at both other fan groups. Still wistful that it wasn't DCU there... would have rocked...
Props to TFC supporters and Sons of Ben showing up. Even saw Columbus, FC Dallas and San Jose jerseys.
Looking forward to the offseason which is always interesting.

My vote for expansion clubs: Philly, St. Louis and Atlanta or North Carolina.


At 19 November, 2007 13:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If United doesn't win the MLS cup next year, it will match the longest streak of time we've gone without adding a star. And that, my friends, is a bit worrisome.

New England are now the Buffalo Bills of MLS, and United are in danger of becoming the Detroit Red Wings of MLS.

We know already who will be in this new Concacaf Champions League next year. Those four teams should be granted an extra senior roster spot (of whatever nationality) and an additional $200k or so under the salary cap. Or does Garber not want MLS teams to show well in international competitions?

At 19 November, 2007 14:40, Blogger Reid said...

personal MLS Cup 2007 highlight: riding the 12:45 AM blue line metro & walking into RFK with one Cobi Jones, American soccer legend.

At 20 November, 2007 14:06, Blogger Bob said...

Reid: nice. I saw Brian Namoff (actually my wife recognized him first - go figure) standing around outside the metro entrance before the game. It really appeared that he was waiting for a bus, but then some hottie in a luxury car pulled up and took him away.

Anonymous: I saw a Crew jersey on Sunday and I thought to myself, "I didn't even know they sold those!" haha I kid.


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