27 November 2007

Oh puke!

Nevermind that DC United is the most successful franchise in MLS. Better get your Fathead for the Revs, the Fire and TFC.


At 27 November, 2007 16:22, Blogger I-66 said...


Can you make your own? I want to take a picture of me flipping off the Bunch of Bull logo and send it in.

At 27 November, 2007 19:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LandyCakes with a bullseye on his chest would sell better. Why does US Soccer still promote that looser.

At 28 November, 2007 09:33, Anonymous Jeremy said...

It appears they have now added the Galaxy as well. Utterly rediculous!

Why is it that United gets bashed from all corners? We can't get any respect from the foreign press, the national press, MLS fans at large, or even from our own city.

Success is supposed to make you popular, not the other way around.

At 28 November, 2007 12:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think the good folks at Fathead need to hear from DCU:


Also, who should get the treatment? Moreno? Gomez? Emilio? Olsen?

At 28 November, 2007 12:54, Blogger JWVariant said...

Easy - an Olsen Fathead, complete with "lifelike beard" that grows before your very eyes, would be a winner....

..and could be used at Halloween as a bonus!


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