29 November 2007

Stadium Update - PG County?

The Post reports thsi morning that United has been talking with PG County about using land near Greenbelt and New Carrolton. Apparently, the team had looked at these areas years ago, and is actively looking at options outside the District.
Both of those areas are Metro-accessible and have land sufficient to accommodate a mixed-use development anchored by a stadium, Byrd said.
Metro-accesibility will be key to maintaining much of the fan base, if the team has to move out of the District. The owners should learn from Dallas' suburb experiment, which caused their attendance to tank. For that reason, Sterling/Dulles area in Virginia should be out of the question.

The other, and arguably more interesting tidbit, is that "United plays at 46-year-old RFK Stadium, where MacFarlane has said the franchise is losing $10 million a season." Its interesting to parse that wording, because on first read you get the impression that the $10 million could be the total net loss for operating the team. But, what I expect MacFarlane really is telling us, that playing at RFK costs them $10 million a season. It doesn't have to be actual operating costs such as leasing RFK, paying for security. In that sum, you can lump in the "cost" of not receiving any concession, beer, parking, and other ancillary money from game days.



At 29 November, 2007 23:16, Anonymous NIck said...

I think you are correct. He is probably including other opportunity costs as well. There is just no way that we could be 10 mil in the red annually and consider dishing out 2-3 mil for one player's annual salary, as McFarlane et al are far too business savvy for that. Also, considering our attendance, I would be very surprised if we were losing a net of more than 1 million per year, which is peanuts for a developer like McFarlane who I'm sure has projects that will carry losses on their balance sheets for 30 years before they become profitable.

At 30 November, 2007 10:53, Anonymous united fan since 1996 said...

Who the hell wants to go into PG County, or anywhere else in MD for a game?? What is United thinking? Has anyone looked in the parking lot at the sheer number of cars from Virginia?? MD is a baseball state. VA is soccer. Wake up!

Keep the team in DC or move to VA, then I buy season tickets. Move to MD and I go to maybe 2 games per year.

Damn liar Fenty.

At 03 December, 2007 13:33, Anonymous Terp said...

I'm with you 1996. I live in Reston and and have 5 half-season tickets. But won't be going to many games if they move to Maryland.


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