02 January 2008

Return and Farewell

Obviously, everyone took the Christmas break off around here, but now we're back, and we're about three months from the start of United competitive soccer action. First things first, a belated farewell to Troy Perkins. When Nick Rimando injured his ankle, I wasn't sure what we'd get with Perkins. We knew that Rimando gave us some great reflex saves, but was plagued by odd positioning, especially on corners. Troy Perkins quickly took the starting job for himself, and by the time Rimando was healthy there was no question of any controversy, Perkins was our top keeper.

Now Troy is leaving to go abroad. I have no problem with this. United can not afford to spend almost 10% of its salary cap on a starting keeper, no matter how good. But Troy shouldn't be asked to take less money to stay here. He's leaving on his own terms, friendly terms, and at the right time. I wish him well abroad, and perhaps they'll even improve one his few weaknesses (trusting his wall on free kicks, consistent distribution to his own team.) In the mean time, I will remember that Perkins was truly remarkable when it came to controlling the box, deftly picking out crosses and corners before they became a larger threat. I'll also remember that he became capable of quick saves that were just as good as any from Nick Rimando.

Troy gave us good service, and I'm glad that if we can't reward him with a pay raise, at least someone can. Good luck Troy, and thanks.

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At 02 January, 2008 15:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is always a tough and nerve-wracking part of the off-season, when the "hello" column is so lonely and the "goodbye" column is so well populated. Please please soccer gods let DCU have a successful draft this year...

At 02 January, 2008 21:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DC United will miss Troy a lot. He was one of the top GKers in the MLS.. criminal that Bradley gave his Chivas keeper a US cap and never to Troy. We are also losing one of the classiest United players we have ever had. Remember he was just a developmental player working 2 jobs and renting a room somewhere... Good luck in Europe.

At 04 January, 2008 16:31, Anonymous A Loyal DCU fan said...

It's better for Troy and Elizabeth this way, what with the triple increase in salary, but we'll miss him so much! He was always professional on and off the field-a hard worker all around. I'd wish him the best of luck but I know he doesn't need it. We'll miss you Troy!!!

-A loyal DC United fan


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