26 August 2009

United reaching out to DC Sports fans

Its nice to see the team trying to reach out beyond the usual fans. But will it work? I guess we'll know in a week.



At 26 August, 2009 15:41, Blogger rke said...

Think this guy could sound just a little more excited?

At 27 August, 2009 10:58, Blogger Bob said...

How about if DCU tries to, you know, win a game? That might help put butts in the seats. Last night was gross.

At 28 August, 2009 07:35, Blogger Bob said...

Here's another one of these "famous people talking about DCU" videos. This time a famous political reporter guy, David Gregory.


An interesting twist, if you ask me. I really like the idea of involving some of the "powerful" media or political figures in DC in support of our team.

At 29 August, 2009 01:13, Anonymous fairfax said...

weak sauce,

I am embarrassed to call this my own, can't we get our own stadium yet?

At 01 September, 2009 10:44, Blogger Riccardo Troiani said...

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At 02 September, 2009 12:24, Anonymous Toadqua said...

DCU fans are "astoturf" fans, to use a word from the bitch, Pelosi. You are "astroturfing" just to fill your stadium. LOL

That would not be necessary for Seattle Sounder fans.

At 02 September, 2009 12:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Toadqua,
Agree with you that Seattle would have drawn more. When you win something every year it gets a little harder to drum up enthusiasm for a mid-week minor tournament.

Lets talk after Seattle has won a Cup. Took Columbus 13 years. Took RBNY... um... well... New England? hmmm...


At 02 September, 2009 13:29, Anonymous Toadqua said...

I smell defeat. And I think there yours. Whatever that means. I'll check back after the match for a quick banter.


At 03 September, 2009 09:01, Blogger Bob said...

Hey Toadqua, your misogyny is showing.

At 03 September, 2009 10:16, Anonymous Toadqua said...

Well what a great game. That is until DCU saw the writing on the wall and they decided they were going to need to cheat to get back in the game. Your GK should be ashamed. You fans be ashamed. I knew there were cheaters in DC, but on your soccer team too? That was pathetic. He was having a great game up until he showed his true colors. It make me wonder how many of those other trophies you won because you didn't get caught cheating.

And 17,000 fans? That's pathetic too. They practically opened the doors to whoever wanted to come in and watch and you mustered up 17000fans that at time didn't even seem to know when to cheer. I wouldn't call that much of a fan base.


At 04 September, 2009 09:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Toad guy...
Wicks is a head case, no ones arguing that.. don't know if I'd be waving the "You're cheaters, we're not" rave green flag around though considering that your Montero fellow was on the ground more than on his feet, whining and shooting well-calculated looks of utter anguish at the officials... Wicks will be gone after this year because of DCU's class... Thankfully Montero hasn't had any highly questionable off-field actions that call his character into question...
As for the third-best-ever 17K... lets see how Seattle does midweek in a 45 year old stadium with a middling team, 13 years in, after having won much bigger events, while also competing with Basketball and Hockey for the affections of the fans... DCU started US soccer fandom, don't forget it. And we don't need stinkin marching bands or B-list stars to do it either...
So have a good trip back to Seattle with your trophy that most of the league doesn't really compete for. Good luck against Pachuca and America next year (heh heh) (That is unless the league hands it to the LA Gals... you're new to this deal, the league hands everything to them) And feel free to register the "WEWINTROPHY" domain while you're at it.


At 21 September, 2009 10:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dc united is nothing more a boy toy for will chang. don't call the franchise a f**ing business when it's losing 1.5 milliona year.

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At 07 June, 2011 05:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so ridiculous that the moron refers to DCU as a quasi public shit. what would you expect from a guy who tried to commit suicide from business failures.


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