08 January 2007

Another "Not Dead Yet" Report on Palermo to D.C. United

Remember back last week when The DCenters scooped the world on the forthcoming announcement of the sale of D.C. United? Okay, I know, I'm being a bit unsufferable about that. Blind squirrels and nuts and whatnot. It's just one of those things where occasionally we've been unable to confirm something and the Post or the Times always was a few hours ahead of us, it was nice to be first with something. Anyways, back to the topic at hand. The other part of that post was us carrying the news that the Palermo to DC United deal wasn't totally finished yet, despite the reports from Goff as sources saying it was extremely unlikely.

Well, MLS Underground is hearing the same thing. I'm pretty sure that they're not hearing it from the same places we are (or, if they are, I'll be extremely surprised), but the fact that their information aligns so closely with ours is interesting. And to the same degree of "Look, it may not happen, but it ain't impossible." Just something to keep in mind when we think about what the new ownership might shell out money for. We have ownership now, and this deal was pretty much not going to happen until ownership was in place.

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At 08 January, 2007 22:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what is the scuttlebutt on this - is it that Palermo is willing to come if we can show him the $? Or is the interest more on the side of Payne/DCU front office? Does he know Gomez or Erpen? I'd assume he knows Donnet, but who knows how Donnet feels about DCU. At any rate, this is very interesting.

At 09 January, 2007 23:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no "insider information", but my guess is that the biggest hangup would be that Boca does not want to get rid of him until after Libertadores (June), but United wants to make sure we have him for concacaf long before then, so I don't know where that leaves the deal. Boca definitely wants to get rid of him. They brought in Marioni to take his spot and they have the heir apparent to Palermo in Boselli who is just biding his time, but played really well when Palermo got injured last season. The problem is that with so many games in Libertadores and the Clausura, depth is key for a team to succeed in both tournaments, and they are probably counting on Palermo for that until Libertadores commitments are through...


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