03 June 2005

Two weeks, two different results, one common theme.

DC 3, KC 2: Um... this was a hell of a game on so many levels. From the red and black getting Jamie's penalty coverted, the late goal to bring the Wiz within 1, this game was engrossing.

DC 0, FCD2: Misery. Utter, and complete.

Here's the thing: DCU is going to be a mid-table team until the midfield plays better defense. Nowak's system requires this, and it isn't getting done. You can compensate if you have enough speed and firepower up front to make opposing teams a little tenative about moving up the pitch. Right now DCU doesn't have that. If Alecko was playing to form, or Jamie had that amazing touch that he had last year, it's a different story. But since they're both playing well, if not great, then the defensive mid game has to improve. Because even the best defense is going to break down occasionally. Especially if the opponents are coming at you with speed.