16 June 2005

Ignition - 4 DCU : Fire 3

Yes, it was an amazing comeback. Unbelievble, stunning, dramatic. Yet, somehow, deep inside, you felt this coming. The scoreless streak wouldn't end with a doofy one goal game scored on a contravertial PK call. No, when it ended, it would all fall at once. You'd get goals from someone you'd expect, say, Christian Gomez. You'd get Moreno involved. And maybe some key help from where you didn't expect it, say, a rookie defender named Boswell. It would all come at once, at a key time. Part of you, no matter how much you tried not to silence it when the opposition went up by two, expected this was waiting to happen. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

The are a number of implications about what happened last night. We'll talk about all of that later. For now, it is time for merriment. Our long national nightmare is over. United have found the net.