16 June 2005

Manners, Minded

A quick note to write some thank you letters. The DCenters received its first permanent link about two weeks ago from the stunningly intelligent Basil over at Nationals Inquirer. The first to ever link to this blog in any capacity was Rocket1124 over at Nasty Nats. To both of you, thanks. I'm still finding my voice, but reading a bunch of other people is helping.

Now some others have linked to The DCenters in the recent week. Thanks to We Call It Soccer and Maradawga for passing some love our way. It is appreciated. And in a kind gesture, Chelsea Blog gave us our first ever hat tip, even after we made fun of them for taking the site down briefly for a redesign. The DCenters has always had a slight fondness for ManU of the EPL, but that was goodwill for playing a certain Yank keeper. Consider the loyalties shifted to some lads in Blue (but not enough that we don't hope you get waxed when visiting DC.)

[Update] Linked to by the Screaming Eagles as well. That's very cool. Thanks guys.


At 16 June, 2005 09:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are also linked on the Screaming Eagles site

At 16 June, 2005 09:35, Blogger D said...

Wow... that's cool. Excellent!


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