24 June 2005


As both a DCU fan and a Washington Nationals fan, sometimes you hear things on both sides of fandom that disparage the other. So it's nice when a Nats fan shows that he writes with malice toward none and charity to all. Mr. Ball Wonk, we commend you for this:
BallWonk, for one, is a United fan. United has brought Washington four of its last five national championships in any sport. (Washington Freedom brought home the other title.) United has consistently drawn more fans per game than either the Wizards or the Capitols. And, most importantly, DC United has kept RFK Stadium up and running. All baseball fans owe United a debt of gratitude for keeping the Bobby open for business and ready for baseball to move back at a moment's notice. BW

Naturally, we agree. And we, over here as a DCU fan first, welcome the Nats to our home. More people will see those championship banners and think about maybe attending a DCU game this year than ever before. And that benefits all. Since the sentiment is so nice, we'll forgive you calling RFK "The Bobby"


At 24 June, 2005 17:37, Anonymous Joe said...

Very nice... At first I thought the notion of the Nats' presence bringing more people out to United games was just a crackpot theory. Now I'm not so sure. We drew more than 14,000 for a Wednesday night game last week.

I can't help but think there are a lot of suburban folks, formerly reluctant to travel to the far side of Capitol Hill, who have overcome that anxiety to see the baseball games. Then maybe they thought, "Well, all my kids play soccer. Maybe they would like to see a United game."

Still just a theory, but no longer just for crackpots.

At 24 June, 2005 18:26, Blogger D said...

Joe --

I think there may be some of this. DCU has always had a hardcore base of support, much larger than most MLS teams, a base we really saw in the Hudson years. I think this season most people expected a let down from Freddy-mania, but attendence has been pretty good. The start could be defending champ fever, but I think mid season at least some of it (and certainly not all) can be attributed to cross-Nats pollenization.

At 25 June, 2005 14:16, Blogger Basil said...

I'm a Nats guy first, but I'm down with the DCU. I attended a few DCU games during their early years, and it was big fun. Plus, I'm grateful that they kept RFK relevant after the Skins left.


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