22 June 2005

Ciao - 1 USA : ITALY 3

Hunter Freeman got scored the first goal. Italy scored the next 3. Very saddened by this. A classic what might have been for US Soccer, which has had too many of them. Still, congrats to the U20 Men's Team for a spirited run, you did your country proud.

[Update 12:36 22 June 2005]: Or maybe they didn't. Check out Maradawga's thoughts on the Italy game. Sad, sad, sad. Some of it might be self-loathing, but that's not an excuse.


At 22 June, 2005 15:19, Blogger maradawga said...

I can live with a team not playing well (hell, I'm a Real Salt Lake and MetroStars fan) but I can't deal with a team not playing with respect for their opponent and the game.

If you're gonna lose, lose with class. It makes the winning that much sweeter.


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