20 June 2005

The Countered Revolution - 2 DCU : New England 0

There are times where I have prayed for a draw. There are times I give into my homerism. So I will take one moment for an "I told you so" for the most recent win. Okay, enough of that.

It was a little early in the season for any game to take the appearance of a "big win" but this is as close as they come. Facing an undefeated team with prolific goal scorers, with your key scorer from last season snakebitten and your CAM injured, well, 3 points in a clean sheet is a hell of an accomplishment. A few notes on what I saw from the game:
  • Jamie can't score when it's easy. He had only the keeper to beat twice, but came away with nothing. But have Parkhurst checking his cup size and Dempsey picking his pocket, and with a third defender coming in late, and he'll put it away.
  • David Stokes has been getting some people upset recently. Only in for the second half, he played better, getting cleanly beat once by Edouzian but otherwise playing well.
  • Boswell, the only DCUer I gave an all-star vote for, played a phenomenal game.
  • Carroll is your goat, as he seemed awkward on the ball, missed his marking a few times, and generally seemed out of sorts.
  • Nicky absolutely was the man of the match. From about the 55th minute onward (aside from the Alecko "I learned head trauma from Eric Lindros" Eskandarian collision), DCU put its attack away and turtled, but Rimando was more than equal to the task.
  • Whoever started the "Overrated" chant in the 80th minute? You're brilliant.

11 Days of rest, during which The DCenters will examine some long term interest concepts, catch a few Nats games, and travel a bit.


At 20 June, 2005 13:34, Anonymous Eric said...

The overrated chant started in the Barra

At 20 June, 2005 13:38, Blogger D said...

No surprise there. I suppose I should be surprised if they hadn't started it. Good on 'em.


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