21 June 2005

Call for Blogs

As I have started putting my blog roll together, I was wondering if there are any other team-specific MLS blogs out there. The closest thing I can find is 3rd degree for FCD, but I'm not sure if it counts as a blog (not that I'm picky). Anyways, I'd like to provide a comprehensive list of team-specific MLS bloggers on the sidebar, so if you know someone who's keeping that ReAL Salt Lake blog, let me know and I'll give them a link.

[Update 9:54 AM] Ask and ye shall receive. RSL added. Now only 9 more teams to go.


At 21 June, 2005 09:26, Anonymous Eric said...

Real Salt Lake

I haven't read it though

At 21 June, 2005 09:49, Blogger D said...

Excellent. 3 down, 9 to go.

At 21 June, 2005 10:50, Blogger maradawga said...

This guy's a masochist but he's a good writer:


At 23 June, 2005 19:41, Blogger Eric PZ said...

I moved out of LA so I don't post to it any more, but had a Galaxy News Blog last season.

At 24 June, 2005 19:17, Blogger D said...

Sadly, this seems to have been abondoned.

At 17 May, 2007 20:10, Anonymous stillkicking said...

There are a few sprouting here in Toronto.
The blog from Jesse is much more informative and comprehensive than mine and he covers general Canadian team news too


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