02 September 2005

Barra Boycott

La Barra Brava announces a boycott, with more details coming. This is all stemming off of the incident discussed here. In short: CSC Event Security is a bunch of thugs. That helps explain this page. The DC Sports and Entertainment Commission are their enablers. You can tell that the Barra is struggling on how to accomplish something without hurting United, and it is causing some real pain.

I've said before that I'm unaffiliated, but I do hope that if there's something I, or any DCU fan, can do to help, that the Barra lets us know.

Update 3:00PM Barra Brava individuals are looking to document incidents of unprofessional behavior by CSC personnel. See this thread at Big Soccer for contact information, or feel free to send a message to thedcenters(at)gmail(dot)com


At 05 September, 2005 17:30, Blogger pete said...

thugs? soccer?

shurely shome mishtake?

ps - congrats to the usa. see you in germany. quarter-final match maybe?


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