01 September 2005

Wonderful, Glorious Boredom

Ian Penderleith over at Matchnight complains that DCU's 5-1 win was "boring". He uses this as a platform to discuss expansion and talent dilution. Maybe he was a point. He goes on to write:

It was as dull as Chelsea and Manchester United's respective consecutive opening victories in this season's English Premier League. It was as dull as Celtic or Rangers splitting the Scottish Premier League title between them for the past twenty years. It was like looking at Bayern Munich on top of the Bundesliga, or tipping AC Milan and Juventus for this season's Serie A. There were twenty shots on goal, but virtually nothing to talk about.

Now, there is a point here, but let's not forget the equally wise words of Talking Heads' David Byrne: "Heaven... Heaven is a place, a place where nothing ever happens" Ask Washington Nationals fans how much they'd like a boring 6-1 win over another team. They'll take it in a heartbeat. As will I. I want DCU to win right now. We don't have the talent level of a FC Barca to demand that we only win as long as we win with panache. I want boring games, boring victories, boring away and home legs of a playoff series, boring championships, and another boring MLS cup in the cabinet.


At 01 September, 2005 17:24, Anonymous Joe said...

Well, I wasn't bored. I like goals. Especially when my team scores them.


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