09 September 2005

FC Desperation against DC Unraveling

DC United is coming of two consecutive road losses. FC Dallas fans like to point out that they haven't had a lead in regulation since June. In the worst case scenario, this game ends with a 1-1 or nil draw, so both teams can feel pretty horrible about themselves. With Jamie Moreno serving a "Oh, when I went to my pocket I thought you were Dema" red card suspension, and Olsen out on caution points, there is even more reason to be concerned.

Things to look for:
  • Does Namoff move to the wing at midfield, pushing Dema inside?
  • Does Nowak rest anyone for Copa Sudamerica match against Catolica?
  • Is Quaranta fresh enough to start with Adu? If not, is Jamil Walker ready to step up?
  • Can Freddy start a game and make an impact within the first 15 minutes?

This game is interesting as a barometer for the end of the season. Is DCU really hungry for seeding, or is it all about getting through to the playoffs?

Prediction: DCU scores two goals, but FCD gets one back around the 70th minute. Stoppage time is a scary time. FCD 1 : 2 DCU.