12 September 2005

Assessment of FCD-DCU

Creative writing exercises aside, I do have some points I want to make about the FCD-DCU game.
  • The game was an entertaining mess. There was a ton of action for people to follow, physical play, multiple chances from various angles. Good stuff.
  • Not sure about Clyde Simms subbing in during the 90th minute. Shouldn't he have been in 10 minutes before that? And with so many yellows to the back line, I would have brought in Boswell for someone just to avoid a potential double-yellow situation.
  • Erpen gets man of the match not [just] for his goal but the for the ridiculous clearance work done throughout the match. When people said "Erpen is for real" after the US Open Cup, this is what they were talking about. As for Boswell... well, a discussion of that belongs in its own post.
  • Rested for Catolica? Moreno, Olson, Adu, Boswell... I would not be surprised to see Moreno-Adu start up top, just based on the number of minutes Tino has accumulated with Nats duty and the last game. Tino must be tired, he could barely stumble into the ball to get his game-winning goal... (In an email, this is where the smiley would come in)
  • Dema getting the captain's armband was a nice touch.
  • Rimando played very, very well. For those of you not familiar to DCU fandom, debating the skill level of Nick Rimando is like ranking Star Trek movies, a familiar debate to some where outsiders know that Khan was the only true great film. Rimando is one of the best keepers at the MLS level, but not the best and will likely never be The Best. That being said, you know he's good, will get you some points back that you'd otherwise lose, and upgrading that position is a difficult proposition.