08 September 2005

Watch the Blatant Pandering Begin

Grant Wahl at SI covers what the Germany squad might look like. In DCU and ex-DCU terms, he's put Convey on the team, and gives Tino a good shot at making it. He also sounds more bullish on Freddy than I do, but he still doesn't have Adu on the squad.

Here's the more amusing bit that I'm curious to see play out. Grant writes:
For an upcoming edition of the MLS Power Rankings, I want to recommend the best U.S. soccer blogs out there. So send me some URLs and I'll check 'em out.

Hoo-boy. We'll see what happens now. Expect long passages from Joe at We Call It Soccer on why he loves the Swimsuit Issue, and can't wait for Abby Wambach to appear in it. EricPZ will no doubt pen an opus on how he converted his free football phone into a futbol phone with some white and black paint and a D Clamp. Climbing the Ladder will have a statistical analysis on whether Clint Mathis has played significantly worse since he appeared on the cover before Korea. As for the DCenters, well, we play it cool even when we know the adults are looking. In fact, we haven't even shamelessly sent a plug to Mr. Wahl for our site yet. That being said, Mr. Wahl, I happen to think that blogroll on the right is pretty damn good, and it works to keep me up to date. I've added some people since about two days ago, and I think that reading these blogs should keep you pretty plugged in to the American Soccer Scene, certainly at the National and MLS levels.


At 08 September, 2005 11:43, Blogger Eric PZ said...

Hah!! I had a Chargers Helmet phone back when I was in college. Damn thing was cheap and never worked right....'bout like the team. :)

At 08 September, 2005 12:01, Blogger D said...

Heh. Funny thing is that since making that post, I've found that Nokie may actually make a futbol phone.

PS I Hate Marty-ball.

At 08 September, 2005 20:48, Anonymous Joe said...

I do love the swimsuit issue. But i don't think I really have to explain why.


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