07 September 2005

Stokes Gone for Season

Steven Goff's United Notebook contains a few interesting stories. The highlights:
  1. Stokes is out getting ankle surgery, will miss the rest of the year. This announcement seems overdue, but TheDCenters wish him well.
  2. United is unhappy with the cards they've been getting. I don't think anyone in any confederation is happy with the officiating at their level. That being said, MLS refs have been brazenly odd this year, and not just with United.
  3. Alecko is starting to workout to see if he gets headaches during "light activity." I still think Esky is gone for the season, but I do hope that perhaps this will give him a headstart on training for next year. Anyone talking of trading/cutting Esky just to get rid of him needs a stern talking to. From a lead pipe.