06 September 2005

Country over Club

(Above: A celebration I didn't want to see, and a celebration I did want to see (AP Yahoo/FIFA)

USA 2 : 0 Mexico
Rapids 1 : 0 United

In some countries there is a debate over whether you support your country or your club first on your fandom list. Even in this country, this debate has emerged and flickered. On days like Saturday, thanks to MLS's scheduling policy, the debate becomes tangible: a situation where both your country and club play, sometimes with players missing from one heading to the other.

The fact is, even if you want DC United to be first and foremost in your hearts, then you have to support the USMNT's qualification and World Cup Runs. DCU doesn't exist without MLS, and MLS needs the focus of the World Cup to maintain its viability at this stage. So while the sting of a lackadaisical loss and Jamie Moreno red card hurt, the USA victory does make up for it. Ultimately, a strong World Cup performance will compensate DCU in the future, and getting to Germany by going through Mexico in Columbus is just the sort of hype building win that the US, and MLS, needs.


At 06 September, 2005 19:49, Blogger kj said...

There were MLS matches on Saturday? No, really?

Of course I know there were. But, frankly, I couldn't bring myself to care. I was too busy partying in Columbus. It still boggles my fragile little mind that MLS couldn't have taken the week off.


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