27 December 2005

Houston Website Development (Also, I lied, this is the last post of the year)

I caught DuNord's citation of the Houston Republic FC idea, later to be revealed as a hoax. Now, while that appears to be conceptual art, I was intrigued enough to poke around and see what I could see. And on a whim I did a WhoIs search for houstonrepublicfc.com... Nothing. What about republicfc? Nope. But, as an interesting note, I did find out that fchouston.com (Note: Currently has a placeholder page) has been registered on 19 December 2005 for three years by a Phil Green. Could that be the same Phil Green who is the general manager of MLSNet.Com? I wonder... And I wonder how Houston fans will feel if their team name is nearly identitical to FC Dallas?

What about other team names? Well, houstongatos.com is also under construction, and registered to a private name, but only for one year, but was registered on 22 December. Houstonstars.com is registered in Mexico City. Houstonapollos.com is a minor league baseball team. Houston1836.com? Registered on 22 December...

My guess is that FC Houston, if it does belong to MLS Net (and I think the evidence says it probably does) will eventually redirect to the final name... It should be noted that not all the names are available, and I can't imagine MLS choosing a name that might involve a website fight. Which means the Apollos are out. Ditto the Stars. But the fact is that an FC Houston derivative is very, very possible.


At 28 December, 2005 13:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad FC Houston Republic was a hoax... I thought it was a pretty good name and I liked the art. I agree that FCHouston would be pretty unoriginal.
How about Houston 1836? (Kind of like Schalke '04)
Borussia Houston?

At 28 December, 2005 16:15, Blogger D said...

I also am disappointed by the Republic thing not panning out, but it was also a bit suspicous, which is why I was digging around for some answers before commenting on it. Houston 1836 is my favorite of the posted options, and it seems a serious contender since I think MLS has registered the domain name. I am pleased that Apollos is probably a non-starter, despite appearing in the poll. I can't imagine they want to get into a copyright hassle.

At 28 December, 2005 19:33, Blogger maradawga said...

I think you'll find Houston 1836 ends up being the name. I think you didn't quite search the most specific name.

At 29 December, 2005 05:14, Blogger scaryice said...

I too was messing around with the whois search. Maradawga, any chance you could be more specific?

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