20 January 2006

Liveblogging the 2006 SuperDraft... At least Until DCU Picks

12:04 PM Hah... Well I was wrong about no one making a trade for a pick. Chivas trades the first pick for the fifth pick and a player TBA. Metros will get Wynne, which makes sense for them.

12:07 PM Yup, Wynne to Metros. Wynne: "I'd like to thank God for getting me drafted" Translation: "I'd like to thank him, but then he made sure I got drafted by the Metros. So I'm becoming a Wiccan."

12:14 PM RSL takes Ballouchy (M-Santa Clara) which should help their midfield problems. Mehdi gets on the mic "I'd like to thank MLS for this to happen." As he says the word happen, in an act of supreme irony, my webcast crashes.

12:20 PM Sigi goes for Garey (F-MD). I don't see many forwards that DCU would want, and Garey off the board lessens the local pressure. Connoly's mock draft is looking good at the moment, as he's nailed the first three picks. Of course, he has DCU going after a forward in the 7th spot.

12:25 PM KC calls time-out. If they could do that during games, they might have done better last year. They're playing that Des'ree song with "You gotta be stronger" over the PA system. That's sad. If they start playing Chumbawumba, I'm convinced that MLS will just become a parody of itself.

12:28 PM Coach Sasha says that Garey is like Taylor Twellman. I don't think he meant that Garey will be snakebitten in international competition, but you never know.

12:32 Kansas City takes Yura Movsisyan. He wins the award for best dressed so far, in a classic black suit with gray tie. I'm hoping that DCU is looking at Sturgis or Moore at this point, two defenders that could certainly be useful. Bob Bradley looks like the Giant from Twin Peaks out there. I expect he'll announce his draft pick by speaking backwards.

12:36 Connoly is now 4 for 5 in his mock draft, as Chivas takes Sacha Kljestan. Sacha has the shortest speech of anyone. He looks vaguely depressed.

12:38 Garber says the trades he his announcing aren't that exciting. He's correct. I assume that player to be named later at this point is a euphamism for "We know who we're trading, but we don't want to be booed by our supporters when we announce it."

12:41 Somewhere, Maurice Clarett is calling his agent, to see if he can get in on this action. Marcus Vick is probably also interested. Garber announces that the reason they say "player to be named later" is because they want to call those players first. FC Dallas takes McCarty, who is being played by Mike Meyers. Thanks: Family, MLS, Adidas, blah blah blah. They need to stop these speeches.

12:44 Ah, I love our fans. You can hear them loud and clear. A forward is not what I'm looking for. Commentary bring up Bobby Boswell as an example of DCU's draft policy. Only, of course, he was undrafted. An outside mid though would be a nice choice. Piotr smiles, you can tell he's nic-fitting. DCU takes Justin Moose, a midfielder. Excellent. A solid choice. I hope he says something different. He thanks DCU United first, Wake forest second, then family. Fine. "Mooose" chants already starting. So I'm gonna get lunch now.

12:49PM What do we know of Moose? Well, this can help get you acquainted with a man who, at one time, had hair that fits someone who's name would rhyme with "Goooose". 3rd degree said of the lad: "If you are looking for a high energy outside mid or wingback that can run all day long, cross, beat guys on the dribble, and never quit then Justin Moose is your man." Cross? He can cross? Excellent. Maybe he'll show Josh Gros. I like this pick. Good choice, even though he was forecasted by most as a 2nd round choice, since DC doesn't have a 2nd round pick, I think they've gotten someone that could actually meet a need. Always a bit risky in a draft, but if it works, I'm glad.