20 January 2006

Your 2006 Superdraft Recruits

Please welcome the newest additions to DC United:

First Round, #7 Overall: Justin Moose (M - Wake Forest)
Considered a right side wing player. While some fans will itch to see him challenge for starting time right away, given the lack of depth on the wings, it still may be a challenge for the first-half of the season. A Hermann semi-finalist, it seems that with an all-time assist record at Wake, he can actually cross a ball. Of course, we'd need someone in the box to deal with it. So come back soon Esky. DCenters Outlook Regular starting time by August 2006, but perhaps not exclusive starting time.

Third Round, #31 Overall: Rod Dyachenko (M - UNLV)
Okay, so this was a a pick that surprised many people, given that he wasn't invited to the combine. Considering that while Matchnight has him as a midfielder, but MLS was listing him as a forward, you can see that this is a guy who is somewhat confusing. His numbers in college showed a sophmore slump, but were otherwise solid. As a CAM, I don't see him fitting into United's plans, so I have to figure that he'll be converted for a look as a forward. DCenters Outlook: Reserve player. Occasional 2nd half substitute.

Fourth Round, #39 Overall: Jeff Carroll (M - St. John's)
Those that read The Belly know that he was high on Jeff Carroll, and he wasn't the only one. Multiple mock drafts had him in the second round, so his falling to the fourth round was a bit of a surprise. As a CDM, he'd be no higher than 3rd on the depth charts, but could see potential time as a RB sub in some situations. DCenters Outlook: Reserve player. Rare substitution. Could play in various exhibition matches.

Fourth Round, #47 Overall: Kenny Bertz (D - MD)
You may remember during the College Cup the guy on the sideline who broke his face. That's Kenny Bertz. Really only has a shot at the CB position, which would put him behind Boswell and Erpen on the depth chart, assuming no change in the 3-5-2. Even if there is, this has the feeling of a "let's take a shot" draft pick. His lack of playing time in the playoffs may have helped DC get a feel for him, since he was out of the high profile games other coaches saw, but playing in DC's back yard allowed for an easier scouting job for the local team. DCenters Outlook: Reserve player, unlikely to see any minutes this year.

Update: Goff starts his coverage, but there's not much analysis yet. If I were honest, I would admit that the draft is a random toss of the dice, and that while I might feel good about some or all of these picks, you never know. We've seen top picks flame out, and undrafted rookies make an impact. Still, when it comes to baseless speculation, I try to provide. And if I got one thing right, it was this: None of the mock drafts picked DCU correctly.


At 20 January, 2006 18:31, Blogger maradawga said...

I agree, the draft is a tossup. It's a shame I don't have your IM, I was looking for someone to share some information with today (which is why you got an IM-like email today from me).

At 20 January, 2006 21:07, Blogger D said...

Yeah, the Metros' boards (and then the DC boards, but god knows why anyone from DC would be in the NJ area) had picked up that it was Hernandez. I'm glad they televised the draft. Next year I'll see if I can make it out to a bar so that you can have those drunken conversations that almost read like IM transcripts.


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