14 March 2006

Put on Your Black (And Red) Turtleneck, It's the Santino Quaranta Poetry Corner

In these pre-season quiet days of reflection, we thought it might be nice to read more of the poetry of Santino Quaranta. Tino sent in one of his more recent poems1, and we thought we'd let you snap your fingers at the end.

Send Back to Hospital

To be a striker
is to know hatred
from the keeper, from the backs,
and from the USA Men's N&A Board.

They say I'm no good on a wing
or a prayer as a number ten.
They enjoy MC Deuce thug-life.
They call it soccer.

Freddy flies free for formidable feeds from Filomeno.
If Coach said that last phrase
Ellinger would have heard different
Like: Polish people punish pedestrians per persnickety personalities
Alliteration is racism.
Or just lame.

1This is a complete fiction. But really, Tino, send in a poem or two, or we'll continue making them up. Even if you don't really write poetry.