04 April 2006

Pre-Trial Hearings

Today should be a fun day at DCenters. It's court day. And if you want to put a case before the court, well, check back after today is done and then send an email or drop a comment, and The DCenters might take your case. Fun!

Also, a few notes. The SE Podcast is up, and is a great chance for you to put voices with some of your favorite DCU players. Personal highlights: Freddy on Wynne's speed-- it's a good quote as they apparently say in the biz. I am very envious of the Ben Olsen intro. Plus, there's a plug for DCenters, so you know I'm all about that.

Also, in your best impression of Eric Cantona, read this quote: "Watch this space." It's a new blog in town, and some familiar faces might be showing up over there. Very exciting.

Okay, any new business, or should we get court day underway?