03 September 2006

First Impressions - CD Chivas USA 1 : 2 DC United

I forgot what three points felt like. And it feels good.

Yet the feeling is tempered by what it cost. Moreno and Gomez both going off with injuries (which may be a blessing in disguise if it isn't serious and it just meant they get more rest, but otherwise can spell trouble.) Olsen looking winded. The hardest working man in MLS, Josh Gros, out next week with a red card suspension. Bobby Boswell, Christian Gomez, Alecko Eskandarian -- all suspended on yellow card accumulations... Next week may be a fun week. (This means your starting lineup may well feature Prideaux, Donnet, Adu, Walker, and/or Dyachenko. Huh.)

United showed more character in this game, but it was far from a full rebound. Yes, there were stretches of strong play, particularly in the start of each half. But there were games where United was pretty much able to maintain that level for 70-75 minutes a game, and here it was only sporadic.

Anyways, finally, DC gets three points. That's good. But this season ain't over. 5 point lead on the shield. 7 games to go. Some tough looking games in there, especially the road schedule. DC needs four wins, with one of those in November, for us to feel good about DC's form going into the playoffs. Which we're in. But that's not the end of the season by any stretch.

Oh, and while I usually try and send out an email to my fellow writers on the MOTM selection, I'm pretty sure we all know that it will be Mr. Christian Gomez after this game.


At 03 September, 2006 21:39, Blogger Michael Briggs said...

And there was something about Freddy Adu playing like he wanted Donnet (who, for some reason, I keep spelling with two t's at the end) to take over for him in the second half. As said by the announcers. No clue, yet (as in early in my MLS fan career), if that satement had any merit.

At 03 September, 2006 21:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Perkins as co-MOTM? (are there co-MOTM?) Thought he had a really strong game.
Welcome Michael!

At 03 September, 2006 22:50, Blogger Kali said...

One of the few bright moments in an otherwise abysmal sporting weekend.

Hooray DC!

Hooray Serena Williams and Lindsay Davenport!

At 04 September, 2006 09:12, Anonymous bdr said...

Freddy was abused on the right by Juan Pablo Garcia the whole first half. He also, with plenty of space and the ball on his foot, was oddly passive offensively.

His defense will always suck against bigger, stronger, faster players, which means he has to make his living offensively. Maybe he's still hurt, but to play that meekly knowing DCU has a new player at just his position - and knowing his defense is sucking - is very strange.

They'll need a good game out of Adu v RSL, what with all the suspensions.


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