26 March 2007

Just Quickly...

Did anyone else feel incredibly frustrated by the USA-Ecuador match? I mean, isn't this exactly the kind of result we want to see in a match under different circumstances, but exactly the result that means nothing given what the circumstances we had? Landon putting up 3 on Ecuador is frustrating because you know he can be a good player, but you want to see him demonstrate it under conditions other than the ones we saw yesterday. When he puts up three on foreign soil against a South American team, then I might be truly invigorated. Right now it just feels so... so... I dunno, like I've been here before. Yes, I know Ecuador had a higher FIFA ranking. Doesn't matter (check the Elo ratings instead). At home on a gawdawful pitch we should win that one anyways. That's all. I just can't feel all good about this yet.

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At 26 March, 2007 11:26, Blogger Dave said...

I completely agree, what will LD actually do when the game means something, and as we all have seen during the World Cup and the MLS season...well I'll leave that up to you guys to think about it.

Great Blog, love what you guys have done!!

At 26 March, 2007 13:54, Blogger truth said...

When Landycakes produces in a game that means something I will care. This was a friendly, for crying out loud. LA Galaxy, 12-14-6 in MLS last year. USMNT, humiliated in World Cup last year, Landy invisible. Meaningless friendly, LC with a hat trick.

The announcers were so terrible. O'Brien does not even know the players yet. While Landon was running 50 yards down the field with that great pass from Ching, he didn't say who the pass was from because he didn't know until he watched the replay. And shut up about baseball! You want to know the worst? ESPN has allowed him to become the radio announcer for my beloved Red Sox. Three years ago they wouldn't let him become the radio voice of the Cubbies. Why does ESPN hate me? He ruins perfectly good USMNT and Sawx games. Absolutely ruins. That unctuous voice that NEVER SHUTS UP.

Where was Demerit? Why didn't the announcers mention him? Is the groin injury back?

And whatever you think of Bradley (I remain underwhelmed) it was ridiculous to hear Bruce Arena saying Bradley didn't make it on his connections without anyone mentioning that he's the one who supposedly favored Bradley. It was Arena who gave his former assistant coach's son his first caps with the World Cup squad last year in the final pre-Cup tune-ups, ahead of players who'd been playing their hearts out trying to make the squad.


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