04 March 2007

DCU News and Updates

So United decided to go press release crazy just before the Olimpia game on Thursday. I know that my fellow bloggers and I saw all this then, but were just too keen on the game to mention it then. But lots of news happened and I think I will take this slow Sunday to catch up on it.

1) DC United Waive Mediate: This is very unfortunate news, I was hoping that Dom would be recovered enough to contribute this year. He played well last year and would have given DC some depth this year. Basically, Mediate could not be a developmental player this year and United did not think that he was worth a regular spot as he was coming off a brutal injury. Did I mention that I can't stand Ugo Ihemelu. It is probably the right move by Payne & Co but still is a downer. Here is hoping that Dom catches on somewhere. Personally I am hoping for a USL team so I can root for him again.

2) Marco is back with United: Crypitcaly alluded to by D. The official press conference was just before the Olimpia game. Marco will be the Special Consultant to the President (Payne not Bush).
In his new role, the legendary playmaker will serve in a number of capacities, ranging from scouting activities, serving as a liaison to Latin American countries and working as an ambassador for D.C. United domestically and internationally. Etcheverry will also work closely with D.C. United Director of Youth Development John Maessner in providing training and technical support for United's youth teams and academy programs.
This is a great move by United, Etch is somebody who can add legitamacy to United both among the local hispanic population and in South America. He is a graduate of Tahuichi Academy, one of the most famos player development acadamies in the world, so he probably has a few tips on how to build United's youth program. All in all this is great news as United keeps a legend involved and allows him the flexiblity to help where needed.

3) Catch DCU on Comcast SportsNet: For the first time ever you will be able to catch every DC United game on TV. Well if you have HDNet, but that isn't CSN's fault. This is a great deal, its four years, has ancillary programing, and according to Goff, a rights fee. The ancillary programing includes another round of "Brunch with DC United" that brought us some of the classic games last year. This year it will show the best (and worst) games of 2006. Also, this deal introduces a new program entitled D.C. United: Director's Cut, which will be hosted by Ben Olsen. The rights fee is important too, it is either a first or second in MLS (depending on the KC contract signed earlier this season). Great deal for DCU and great to see CSN get involved to this extent.

4) DC finalizes its Pre-Season Plans: This schedule includes the rumored game against Motagua in Florida and a trip to Mexico before the Chivas away leg. Smart planning by United's Front Office. Hopefully it will pay off.

5) Perkins should be ready for Chivas: From Goff's blog, he states that Perkins should be ready by March 15 to take on CD Guadelajara at Estadio RFK. This is great news as I am not exactly confident about Nolly after his time in the Olimpia game. Goff also reports that United are trialing Brazilian forward Welton Silva and Danish/American defender Jamil Fearrington. Jamil posts on BigSoccer. Also mentioned are the rumors we have heard about an undisclosed player that DC is looking at bringing in.

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At 04 March, 2007 23:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's hope Troy is ready, Nolly DID NOT impress, why couldn't we have just shelled out and picked up Thorton??

At 04 March, 2007 23:44, Blogger Kinney said...

Well Busch is now availabe after Columbus waived him. You have to imagine that he hasn't come back well from his injuries. But its Columbus, not exactly steller front office.


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