07 July 2007

US v. Brazil U-20 Match

Wow, that was an amazing match. Adu jogado bonita better than the Brazilians and the Altidore showed the US Men what a finisher can do. Seitz proved that Guzan isn't the only goalkeeper in the mix for 2014 and/or 2018. Zizzo and Rogers showed good ball control with their feet on the chalk and Bradley played a good defensive game.

MLS has really helped give this US team bite. Adu creates the first goal by just destroying the Brazilian D-Mid, plus he never once got knocked off the ball. Jozy easily holds the ball up against U-20 players after learning how against MLS vets. Bradley and Szetela did a good job clogging up the middle and forcing Brazil wide. The US players were a lot more physical than their Brazilian counterparts and I think it threw the Brazilians off their game a little. Yes, MLS players will pull a Mastroeni every once and a while, making a poor challenge that wouldn't be a card in MLS but is on the international level, but on the whole I liked what I saw.

It was especially effective when they combined it with some stellar possession and creative plays. Goff is incorrect when he says that, "Brazil was technically superior and more comfortable on the ball -- no surprise there -- but the U.S. team hung in there, absorbed pressure and confidently counterattacked." THE WERE EVEN ON POSSESSION WITH BRAZIL. Yes, the young Brazilians were definitely more technically superior but the US players were much more organized and linked their passes better when they took the time to build up an attack. It was a fairly even game all around, and a great one to watch.

For those of you who missed it here are some highlights.

Now the real question for DC United is when do we want Adu to transfer to Europe? According to Goff:

The future considerations acquired in the trade also are vital to United's plans. If Adu was to leave Real Salt Lake for Europe, it would receive compensation from MLS to acquire a new player. Under the conditions of yesterday's trade, United would receive a portion of Salt Lake's payout. In addition, if Adu stays with Salt Lake through the end of the 2007 season, United would receive a draft pick. The better Adu plays, the better the draft pick would be.

So the way I see it, without any further information, we are hoping that he goes to Europe before the end of the season. A large payout is not out of the question anymore (thanks to MLS changing the rules) and DC United could get a significant chunk of that. I will leave Goff with the task of finding out exactly what percent of the transfer fee United might obtain, and what type of draft pick United might get if the move isn't completed until after the season.

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At 07 July, 2007 02:47, Anonymous Nick said...

Good analysis. I just wanted to say that Bradley did not have such a good match. His gold Cup performances were far superior to his play thus far in the U-20s. The goal we gave up was completely his fault for his inexplicably soft (lazy?) header clearing the Brazilian cross out of the box.
Personally, i would like to see Adu make the move to Valencia in July and start pre-season in Spain this summer, so that he may be in position to get some playing time by February. If he waits till the winter break, he probably will not see the field until the following September.
As you said, this would also give us money to make a move, and at this point in time, i'm kind of thinking we should drop Fred and combine the Adu cash to invest in an Argentine or different brazilian to play right midfield.

At 07 July, 2007 04:40, Blogger Charles said...

One of the most exciting matches I've seen in a while.

Props to ESPN for bumping reruns of hotdog eating contests for the U-20 world cup.

I am tired of announcers fauning over Brasil everytime one of their players back heels a ball. The US showed plenty of technical prowess (and more than a few back heels themselves), plus I couldn't count the number of times one of our forwards just stole the ball off the foot of a Brazilian in their own third of the field.

Great match, lots of back and forth, and chances on both ends. The teams seemed evenly match, but I would give the edge to the US for scoring the most goals!

At 07 July, 2007 06:45, Blogger Kinney said...

Bradley was better in the Copa Oro but nonetheless had a really good game. Both he and Szetela were obviously told to play more of a defensive role and they did that well. How many dangerous Brazilian challenges came up the middle of the park? Almost none. Bradley was seriously helping out his backline all over the place last night. To blame him for the goal is a bit harsh as if you watch it again he barely gets a piece of it and is completely off balance. I don't think either of our centerbacks even get it that far if they have been in the position to do so (both being shorter than Bradley).

Valencia would be a nice fit for Adu. I think he will have problems in the EPL like he does in MLS and would do a lot better in La Liga. DC United has basically set the team for this year's cup run. Next year so many things are up in the air it is hard to know what we would do, but it would be nice to have that much cash.

Charles: Couldn't agree more about the fellating of Brazil's skills. As I said they were more technically proficient, but the US burned them with some nifty moves and you didn't here a peep.

At 07 July, 2007 11:18, Blogger timmyc said...

Do you guys have any basis for throwing Valencia out there for Freddy? I'm just wondering if this is wishful thinking or a rumor is out there that I have missed.

I've contended for a long time that he'd be better off going to Holland or Spain first when he gets to Europe to develop. I've long been concerned that his ego would get in the way and he'd only want to go to a "big" club, and then get mired on the bench when the best thing for him would be playing regularly in a European side.

With that said - even Valencia might be a little too big for him to start out - it would be sweet for him to have the opportunity to play in the Champions league.

At 07 July, 2007 16:09, Anonymous Nick said...

Ives Galarcep reported that Valencia and Olympique Lyon were the two teams competing most heavily for Adu's services..

At 07 July, 2007 22:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to FIFA report, Brazil had 51 percent of possession, USA 49.


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