29 November 2007

From DC: Goodbye. To DC: Goodbye? For DC: Goodies.

CROWE, MUPIER, NORTH, AND WILLIS OUT: United waives four reservists. All of these were something of longshots to make the team, but this does represent another year in which many draft picks did not pan out for United. To recap: First draft pick Bryan Arguez is Generation Adidas, so there's no downside to keeping him. Second round pick Brad North is out now. Third round pick Jay Needham elected to play in USL. Third round pick Ricky Schramm was cut before the start of the season. Fourth round pick Luis Robles also failed to stay with the team.

The good news was the the dice rolled well in the supplemental draft. While Shawn Crowe will not be staying with DC, Kpene came from the supplemental round and at least has shown enough to earn continued looks as a potential first team contributor (In fact, his 626 minutes played mean that our third round supplemental pick had more minutes than the top 5 supplemental picks combined).

To those now leaving DC United, we wish them well in all geographical areas except New York City.

SOCCER SPECIFIC STADIUMS IN LOCALES STARTING WITH "P": It's not Poplar Point, but it's Prince George's County. Metro accessible would make this more palatable, but not having United in DC is saddening. Still, the financial future of the team may make this the only option available (although part of me hopes that this is simply a Plan B bargaining position, it is starting to feel like leaving DC may become inevitable.) [NOTE: I'd simultaneously posted on the stadium while D was preparing this morning's round up - Oscar]

DO GOOD, GET STUFF: The legendary equipment sale made the Post today. Proceeds to United for DC. Good stuff.

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At 29 November, 2007 10:23, Blogger Kinney said...

Wait, I don't understand. Why wouldn't we wish them well in NYC? It's not like there is an MLS team there.

At 30 November, 2007 10:51, Anonymous United fan since 1996 said...

Who the hell wants to go into PG County, or anywhere else in MD for a game?? What is United thinking? Has anyone looked in the parking lot at the sheer number of cars from Virginia?? MD is a baseball state. VA is soccer. Wake up!

Keep the team in DC or move to VA, then I buy season tickets. Move to MD and I go to maybe 2 games per year.

Damn liar Fenty.

At 30 November, 2007 11:59, Anonymous Eric in Baltimore said...

United fan since 1996 :: Some fan you are! You aren't a season ticket already? I live in Baltimore and have been a season ticket holder for 8 years. What's your excuse?

You better get used to the idea of attending only two games a year.

p.s. I suggest you read up on your soccer history to learn a few things about how deep soccer's roots run in Maryland. Here's a good place to start: Historical Overview of American Soccer


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