23 November 2008

The Woodwork! I just want to remind everyone...

I'm watching MLS Cup 2008. I'm watching it on TiVo and I'm a tad behind. I guess that part doesn't matter. Anyway...

GBS of Columbus Crew, your league MVP, was just denied by the crossbar. He had the RBNY keeper clearly beaten. This lead to a quick discussion of how the woodwork had played such a large part in NY's road to the MLS Cup. BTW, at press time, the score is 2-1 against with 10 minutes left in regulation. I didn't watch it, but apparently RSL was denied three times in their semifinal match against RBNY and paraphrasing JP, if it hadn't been for the woodwork, RSL would be in the finals instead of NY.

Which, of course, left me screaming at the TV... "DOES NO ONE REMEMBER THE LAST REGUALR SEASON MATCH BETWEEN DC UNITED AND COLUMBUS CREW?" "AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO REMEMBERS WHAT HAPPENED BECAUSE I LIVEBLOGGED IT?" Yes, my friends, my fellow supporters, if it hadn't been for three brutal woodwork saves in that last match against these Columbus Crew, DCU might be in the finals instead of RBNY.

The season wouldn't have ended... we would have had a chance of More Glory and more than anything, I WOULD KNOW WHO THE HELL TO ROOT FOR! Ugh.

07 November 2008

DC United mention on Deadspin

Over at Deadspin, there is a post about some Fire fans in attendance at Chicago's second leg, 3-0 (3-0 on aggregate) drubbing of New England. Funny pictures.

In the comments, DC United supporters got a shout-out, so I thought I'd let you know about it.

Those guys in Section 8 are crazy. Not the good kind of ferverent [sic]-cheering crazy you might find at a DC United game, but the strange kind of not-all-there crazy.
Also: Goal of the Year. I called this a long time ago, actually. There are other good goals on this list, but nothing coming close to Gallardo's. Robbie Rogers' is probably next best, but he is dribbling and facing the goal. Gallardo one-times his from an impossible angle.

Goff has a link and you can debate it in his comments.

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